#FourHubsHighlight Charlene Allcott

Today’s #FourHubsHight is Charlene Allcott, author of ‘The Reinvention of Martha Ross’ released 9th of August 2018.

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After being one of 12 writers selected for the Penguin Random House WriteNow scheme in 2017 aimed at increasing the visibility of writers from underrepresented backgrounds, Charlene Allcott became the first to be published from the scheme after Transworld bought world rights to her novel. Allcott worked closely with Senior Commissioning Editor for Transworld, Francesca Best to develop the manuscript. On the WriteNow scheme, Alcott stated in her blog entry on Penguin site “Sometimes you need someone or something to slap you round the face and show you the truth of what you can be and that’s what the WriteNow process did for me. When I applied I thought, maybe I have something to say; I didn’t think much further than that.”

Allcott was born in 1981 in Croydon, and worked in Brighton part time in a residential care home as well as caring for her autistic three-year-old son who has autism.

The book “The Reinvention of Martha Ross” is about Martha Ross who soon realises that in order to reinvent herself, she has to find and love herself first. Her life seems to be going awry. She is seperating from her husband, the father of her eighteen-month-old son, and is now moving back to live with her parents. She has been working in a call centre for far to long, and dreams of being a singer.


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