Excerpt from '7 Questions With Thea Gajic'


THEA GAJIC is an actress, writer and director born and raised in South London. Her first short film 'RUN' won New Talent Award at BFI Future Film Fest. Her second short film 'THE IMPORTANCE OF SKIN' premiered via Short of The Week. Her work has rounded female characters and a strong directorial voice”. Her next short film 'ELI' is being made with Film London on their London Calling 2018 Slate and will be released this spring. Thea is a Sundance Ignite Fellow.

Here are Thea's answers to question 1, 2 and 4, to read the rest of the interview purchase a copy of the magazine here , photographs taken by Keziah Who for FourHubs.



How did you first sharpen your skills as a screenwriter and filmmaker? 

I never went to film school or took directing classes etc. In the last couple of years I’ve made conscious efforts to study directing and the nature of filmmaking so I can reach full potential. The only benefit I had as a first timer was my experience as an actress as you’re obviously constantly around scripts; working with them, reading between the lines, dissecting them etc which brilliant insight into how it all worked. I was terrified! In the end my friend told me to ‘just write a conversation’ and that’s how I started – it’s still how I start all my script ideas now. 


You work carries intensity in a delicate way, in The Importance of Skin, the two main characters are not on screen until the end, yet we are able to know they are in love, what role does your script play in building and unfolding intense moments?

I think every artist creates content that is a somewhat a representation or interpretation of how they view their world. It’s rare that we know the details of what will happen to us this afternoon or tomorrow or next week so I try not to pre-empt ‘dramatic’ moments or create pre-judgments of the characters I create. I believe if we are invested in characters enough then the narratives that come out of them will move us somewhat regardless of intensity.

To read the rest of the interview purchase a copy of the magazine here



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