5 Different Ways To Tackle Writer's Block

5 Different Ways To Tackle Writer's Block

Every writer at some point goes through the awful phase of writer's block, here are 5 different ways to tackle it.

Watch a documentary

Depending on the topic you are trying to write about, consider watching a documentary on it, or maybe even a random one, discover something new! YouTube makes access easier. A documentary can be very informative, and your brain is likely to absorb this, this can be a source of inspiration, respond to anything information that screams at you, it could possibly give a new angle to approach your poem with, and can allow for the flowing of creative juices when writing.  

Respond to an inspiring quote

A free write is not always the solution when it comes to solving writers block, how about responding to a line that already exists? Not just any inspiring quote, perhaps a proverb, proverbs are deeply poetic and can a good starting point for a poem, you are a google search away from finding a quote around any theme, you can respond, continue or dissect. 

Revisit your old work

Everyone has a folder of poems unfinished for different reasons, try revisiting them, hopefully you are in an emotional space to revisit them, your poetics would have developed and your writing now even stronger, so this is the perfect time to retry. The skeleton of the work is already there, just time to add flesh and give those poems the life they were desperate for.

Write a poem addressed to a specific person

Poems about writing can feel awkward if not done properly, but you could trump your writers block by using it to your advantage by meditating on the cause of it in your poem. Think of someone you want to address the poem to, a person dear to you, or a friend, a therapist, or someone random like the prime minister, then open up to this person on why you think you have writers block, why are you afraid of it, what are you trying to say that you are struggling to? This can produce a striking and different poem, or it can be a therapeutic road to self-discovery, or even better it can be both.

Take a break: Go on vacation!

The idea of writing everyday needs to come with a disclaimer that it is okay to take a break sometimes. A vacation perhaps?! Sometimes you need to just live life and refresh your energy for living! 



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