'Psalm 151' by Theresa Lola

1 I was born crying
            at the first sight of the world,
begging my mother to push me back in,
           because the darkness of the womb is
           holier than all the light in the world.

2 The chances of living untainted
           are as small as
the chances of skin surviving
          direct contact with the sun.

3 O God have mercy on me
          for what I have become.
An infinite well of excuses
         for why I grew distant from light.

4 I am a staggering disciple.
         A Red Sea searching for Moses
         to grant it a new face.

5 Call me typical human
        tripping on mistakes.

6 God do not judge me for what I have become.
        I signaled my fear of being conquered
        by the things I was created to conquer.

7Ask my mother for evidence,
       she’ll tell you I cried at
       the first sight of the world.

8 I could see evil trolling in the air,
       a cigarette lodged between its fingers.
       It tried to poison my oxygen, 

9 I fought it off with a strength
       I prayed my fists into.

10 From then I knew I was unprepared for this
      world of fighting darkness.

11 But a baby’s cry is seen as nothing more
       than lunch breaks from cuteness.
No one ever realises they are trying to
       communicate with God.


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