'Porcelain' by Maddie Godfrey

"porcelain” and “china” are not the same thing
china is softer than porcelain, can be cut with a file
and while china is opaque, porcelain is always translucent

I think these facts in someone else’s bathroom
this party is not the right place to talk about
how women have been making fragile things for centuries
and how most of their handiwork never reaches museums
and the party is loud
and porcelain shrinks during the firing process
and maybe if I was made of water and clay
I would stop trying to shatter myself
knowing my weakness was almost
fragile enough to be beautiful

I read that when under compression,
porcelain is nearly as strong as steel
but it is not resistant to impact
so a good grip is highly recommended

standing at the stranger’s sink
I hand paint myself like porcelain
outside, the party is loud with hands
that do not know how to be gentle

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